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Tumblers for Kids

Scandinovia believes that the little things in our lives can bring either lots of happiness or huge frustration.

In the home, the things we use everyday reflect this belief. If something we use does not do its job, this makes for immense frustration.

Scandinovia wants to fix this and make the small things in our lives reliable, durable and beautiful by merging Japanese manufacturing technology with Northern European design. We make drinkware to a standard, not to a price.

Scandinovia. Live life a little simpler.

Innovation by design

We've thought carefully about every part of the design of our tumblers, from the gentle internal dappling which prevents sticking when the tumblers are stacked, to the flat base which prevents water pooling after dishwashing. Together with their startling crystal clarity and attractive pastel colors, we believe we've proved that everyday items can have form AND function.

Ultimate quality

Our tumblers are premium quality in every way, a world apart from the cheaply manufactured products that saturate the market and disappoint users. Manufactured in Japan from BPA-Free Eastman Tritan™ plastic, our tumblers are as safe as they are beautiful. Their glass-like clarity won't cloud with use, and years after you bought them they will look as sparkling as you day you got them.

Safe for kids

We know from personal experience that kids rarely treat tableware with great care or reverence! So - we set out to design our tumblers to stand rough treatment. Made from the strongest BPA-Free Eastman Tritan™, they will not shatter or chip, meaning you can give them to your kids with completed confidence that they will not be exposed to rough edges or hard splinters.

A million uses

Why let your kids have all the fun?! Our tumblers looks good on any table, used by adults or youngsters. You can also use them outside on the patio, at parties, or by the pool, knowing that accidental drops will lead to nothing more serious than a spilled drink. They also make simple, attractive and easy-to-clean cups for your bathroom or nightstand. One tumbler, a million uses.

At Scandinovia we are confident that ours will be the last tumblers our customers will need (or want) to buy.

As a family-focused company we also recognize our environmental responsibilities. Our beautiful packaging is made entirely from recycled materials and our tumblers are 100% recyclable too.

Scandinovia kids’ tumblers are available in packs of 4, in the following colors: red, blue, yellow and green. The tumblers are 250 ml in size or approximately 8.5 U.S. ounces, the perfect size for small hands!

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4.9 / 5 stars on Amazon

5.0 / 5 stars on Amazon

“These tumblers are perfect. Their sturdy construction means you can use them for anything including outdoors and picnics. They’re also perfect for kids and guests. The color tints add just a touch of whimsy, and they’ll become the cups that you reach for first.”
“This Set of 4 Premium Drinking Glasses from Scandinovia are some of the prettiest drinking glasses I own. The 8 ounce glasses are perfect for children or adults. “
“If you want high-end looking glasses without the worry of them getting broke this is the set you need.”
“I couldn’t break them. I tried!”
“I really love these cups. First of all, they came in a real sturdy box and individually wrapped. That right there told me the company cares about their product.”
“These tumblers are very stylish and are fun colors. They come in a really nice box, so they really make the perfect gift. They are suitable for kids to use but they look so nice that they’re appropriate for any aged household.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Please refer to the manufacturer’s certificate on the Scandinovia website.
The tumblers are manufactured from Co-polyester Eastman Tritan™. The material is designed to provide clarity, toughness and both heat and chemical resistance. Please refer to for further information. We also include the manufacturer’s certificate on our website.
9cm tall / 8cm mouth diameter / 6cm bottom diameter
The tumblers are designed to be for kids’ use. The actual capacity is 250 ml, which equates to 8.5 US oz. This allows you to pour about 8 US oz of drink into the tumbler.
Yes. The tumblers are dishwasher-recommended. Please invert the tumblers and place them on the top shelf of the dishwasher.
We are developing larger 13 oz. tumblers at the moment – these will be released in Autumn 2016. We hope you will like them!