At Scandinovia, our vision is to “live life a little simpler”.


We believe that the things we use everyday, no matter how trivial, can (and should) enrich our lives.


Every day things should be simple, thoughtfully designed, affordable, and dependable.


To achieve this, Scandinovia takes the ‘form and function’ design philosophy of Northern Europe and fuses it with Japanese manufacturing technology and precision. The result – beautiful everyday objects which work, which last, and which simplify our lives.


Above all, Scandinovia focuses unremittingly on quality. We don’t believe in the disposable economy. Instead, we want our products to be used and cherished for years.


Scandinovia provides old fashioned value-for-money, through cutting edge design and manufacturing.


We only release new products when they have passed our stringent testing: absolutely no defects, beautiful and functional design, complete safety, and peerless durability.


We hope you enjoy our products.


Live life a little simpler.

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